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Video Production Video Production Video Production


Video Production

Lifestyle product sizzle reel for the world's first vertical laptop bag with a retractable shoulder strap.

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Video ProductionVideo ProductionVideo Production

World View

Video Production

Explore the edge of space with World View - a way to view our planet like never before.

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Video ProductionVideo ProductionVideo Production


Video Production

Digital Currency Summit - Promo Video

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Video ProductionVideo ProductionVideo Production

Prompter Board

Video Production

Introducing the world's easiest teleprompter! Start making amazing videos faster with the PrompterBoard.

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Video ProductionVideo ProductionVideo Production


Video Production

The Grunt is an innovative, easy-to-operate electric motorcycle that allows people to experience outdoor adventure or get work done in a fun and efficient way.

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Video Production

Introducing Pyroad - The world's most portable fire pit!

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Video ProductionVideo ProductionVideo Production

Invest Like Charles

Video Production

Invest Like renowned financial expert Charles Payne with his new Unstoppable Prosperity book - for free!

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Trade Stocks

Video Production

Uncover the secrets to trading like a pro on Robinhood.

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Revenue Generated Our branding and ad creative services have helped our clients see their businesses thrive from the top to bottom.


Ads Made We've made over fifty thousand ads throughout the years.


Conversions Turning clicks into customers is our expertise. In fact, we've generated over 1,000,000 conversions since inception.

Unapologetically Persuasive.

Relentlessly Innovative.

Fiercely Empathetic.


We design to trigger a Response

Do you want to blow away your ideal customer with a broadcast level video so powerful it can turn complete strangers into raving fans of your business? We can help. We’re experts on:

  • Product Video
  • Product Demos
  • High-End Explainer Videos
  • Product Photos
  • Lifestyle Photos
  • Motion Graphics
  • Lifestyle Videos
  • Company Onboarding Videos
  • Studio Level Photography
  • Event & Conference Photography
Branding & Web design

We Design A User Experience

We design and build online properties that have a tangible impact on your business’ goals. Conveying a clear and memorable message is our mission from start to finish. Whether you need a complex WordPress site or intricate Shopify build, our experts are here to help with:

  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Website Design & Development
  • App Design
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Webinars
  • WordPress & Shopify
  • Logo Design
  • Style/Brand Guide
  • Brand Voice
AD Creative

We design to Convert

From simple banner ads that convert like crazy to high-end TV commercials, we can help increase your media performance with ad creative that not only converts, but enhances your brand presence.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Static Banner Ads
  • Motion Graphic Ads
  • Native Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • HTML5/Native Ads

Dont Take Our Word for it

Monica Prado
Laguna Beach Community Clinic

“It hits all the marks - Strength, Iconic, Community. We are so proud to have this as the centerpiece of our new branding! Many thanks for all your hard work!”

Mike Licosati
Partner | Pacific Point Wealth Management

“Great job on the beautiful and informative site. It is really fantastic. I went through the entire site and left super impressed. You and your team did a great job organizing all of the compelling content and kudos to your design agency who built you a beautiful, user friendly, intuitive site!”

Neerav Vadera
Head of Proprietary Trading | G7FX

“The BEST at what they do. No other way to describe it. Do not hesitate for even one minute about choosing Jeremy and his team - it could be what propels your business to the next level. My company started small with them but has scaled quickly and Strikepoint have excelled in every area. Content Creation/Graphics, Paid Social Media, Email Targeting, Script Writing... The list goes on...”

Heather Beck
Founder | K9 Lifeline & Heather's Heroes

“Strikepoint has been the guiding light we needed to take our business to the next level. We had lots of ideas and they were able to bring them to life through a new amazing logo, a fast and efficient website, packaging design, and more! We couldn't be more grateful for the amazing team at Strikepoint Media.”

Roland van Marlen
Sylton Inc.

“We at Innofaith and now also Sylton Inc. in the US have been totally impressed with the speed & professionalism in which you managed to build our website in a time frame of effectively speaking less than 6 weeks. We still need to do a little bit of tweaking here and there and of course we still will need to add content for the resources and education pages and platform as well as some ZOHO integration but the result as it is right now already is an impressive testimony to your capabilities what you should be proud off. The project was in the pressure cooker for the entire development time and ended up being a “diamond”, coincidentally also a gem that is created under pressure. Thanks again for a great job that helped us to have a great launch of our US expansion!”

Scott Bauer
COO | Prosper Trading Academy

“Strikepoint has been our "go-to" source of marketing and advertising over the last few years. Their innovation and execution always exceed our expectations and we could not have grown our business without them. I highly recommend them; they are timely, professional, and always in touch with both ours and our client's needs.”

Dillon Newman
Co-Founder | Thunderclap Research

“They've allowed me to focus on the areas of my business that I love, while allowing me to sleep well at night knowing that the rest was being taken care of by a highly professional team. I can confidently say they have doubled my business in the last year working with them.”


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