Data-Driven Decision Making

Improve business results by creating and harnessing actionable insights.

What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing analytics is simply the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data related to a company's marketing efforts in order to optimize marketing strategies and tactics. And even simpler than that, it’s about removing the fog in your business that blurs the truth, hiding opportunities, and forcing marketers to guess at what is going on with their customers’ journeys and their business.

Why Strikepoint Analytics

Deep Expertise. Client and Needs Focused. Decade of Success.

Big or small

We handle jobs of all shapes and sizes.
Our team of experts knows how to help to help you with jobs that require a quick turnaround and deliverable. And we know how to work with you on bigger engagements for the long haul.

One-stop Shop

We specialize in end-to-end development and analytics. With Strikepoint Analytics, you can consolidate your web development, back-end development and analytics projects with one firm.

Dedicated Support

We provide dedicated, on-demand support for our clients. You can always count on having the right expert to be available to help you start on a new project or provide support for ongoing work.

Our Dashboards

We get to know our clients, their needs, businesses, goals, systems and capabilities. Our developers work with your teams and systems to bring all of your data into one, cleaned data lake. From there, we create customized dashboards in Tableau that are catered to your needs and focused on improving visibility into your business, which you can use to derive insights that help you drive the business and deliver results.

Business Problems We Solve Everyday
Managed Tableau Portals

Establish a central place to view all of your critical business information to get fast, easy-to-understand answers to key questions that key stakeholders need. Supercharge your employees’ effectiveness with powerful dashboards that contain key insights.

Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics

Our Google Tag Manager experts will set-up and track key information about your website to better understand visitor behavior and uncover opportunities to improve customer experiences to deliver more conversions.

Consulting & Auditing

From analytics platforms to CRM recommendations, our years of experience and expertise can help you identify problems, uncover solutions, recommend paths and step in to overcome hurdles.

Automate Integrations

Our developers specialize in integrating complex technology stacks, unifying data and automating repetitive tasks. We save our customers’ time, reduce headaches, improve data quality and ensure their evolving tech stacks are unveiled successfully and scale with the business.

Data Engineering

Integrate all of your different data sources together in one central, managed data lake. This data lake then empowers dashboards, ad hoc reports and in-depth analyses to provide never-before-seen insights at the business to drive their results to the next level.

Fractional Expertise

We provide fractional expertise that can give you just enough hours to help manage and resolve problems related to managing your CRM, data pipelines and analytics needs at the junior, senior and executive level.

Client Testimonials

Neal Hamilton

“ Our goal is rapidly and profitably growing our business in a tough environment. Strikepoint Analytics is our partner in achieving this goal, providing new levels of insight into our business and helping us find strong opportunities and achieve our desired results. ”

Bryce Paul
Crypto 101

“ Working with Strikepoint on our analytics has been incredible. After talking to Strikepoint about our past experiences and sharing exactly what we were looking for, they offered to make us a custom built solution. We immediately jumped on the opportunity. As a result of their hardwork, we ended up with a clean dashboard that compiles all of our data so it can be easily filtered with actionable insights using a custom-built attribution model. They absolutely nailed it and we couldn’t be happier! ”

Let’s Create a Partnership

Improve business results by creating and harnessing actionable insights.