Maximizing the Value of Your Audience

The email lists and audiences you’ve built is a huge asset. We’ll help you tap into its potential by strategically promoting complementary products and services they’ll find value in. With deep insight around audience targeting and more ad placement options at your fingertips, we can turn your engaged audience into non-stop additional revenue.

Turning Non Buyers Into Revenue

Are you adding new names to your email list each month, but not all of them are turning into customers of your business? You are not alone. Only a small fraction of your leads will turn into sales for your business. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn that those non-converted leads into additional revenue for your business. We can help you maximize your audience while also elevating your brand.

Multiple Ways We Can Help You Monetize Your Audience

Dedicated Email
A full dedicated email ad centered around 1 single advertiser.
Sponsorship Ads
100% Text based promotion easily integrated into existing newsletter formatting. In-newsletter CPC sponsorship placements are an excellent way to monetize an existing newsletter list without the opt out risk and cost of sending dedicated emails.
Coreg Ads
Capture your ad spend back within 60-seconds of generating a lead. Get highest payouts on your proven traffic and access the best performing offers in the industry.
Push Notifications
These come in the form of desktop-based notifications, therefore bypassing any spam inbox or filters. There is massive historic engagement and can be used to share your own content and/or promotional offers.
Text-based ads which typically follow a CPL or CPA basis sent directly to a user’s phone.
A new revolutionary co-reg experience exclusive to Strikepoint Media's Ad Network

Get Access to World Class Offers That Convert

When you choose to join Strikepoint’s Ad Network, you’re able to accomplish all this and more!

  • Get access to exclusive offers every week.
  • Track performance and revenue throughout the month with our proprietary Publisher Dashboard that’s exclusive to you and your company.
  • Optimize earnings on a monthly basis around ECPM.
  • Work with our team of marketers to grow your business.
  • Get real-time insights on how offers are performing.

Our Competitive Advantage

We are digital marketers that built an ad network. This means that we approach your publishing business differently than our competitors. We don’t just broker emails or offers. We give all of our publishers access to our world class team of full-funnel digital marketers to help generate strategies to grow your business. We have built some of the biggest and most successful funnels in the industry in addition to generating over $10million in payouts for our publishers in 2020 alone. It’s time you stop dealing with brokers and experience of working with a team of marketers who are just as obsessed with growing your business as you are.

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