Happy Halloween!

It’s hard to believe, but 2020 is almost in the rearview mirror…

And we’re going to help you finish the year strong with some insider tips including:

        • How we’re structuring this year’s virtual ACS Live to provide the same value as an in-person event (which you can copy for your own virtual events)
        • What we did to get $0.10 qualified leads for one of our clients
        • How we produced more than 110% ROI for one of our internal properties (pacing to spend $200k+/month)


This month’s Strikepoint Media State of the Industry Newsletter isn’t just focused on finishing the year strong. We’re also going to help you start 2021 on the right foot come January.

Now, obviously, Q4 is an extremely competitive time of the year thanks to holiday shopping — and holiday ads.

But this year, it’s extra competitive because of the presidential elections (go vote!)

As a result, we’re seeing tighter ad reviews leading to more ad rejections, so we all need to be extra careful about making sure new campaigns are compliant — especially on FB.

We’ll cover that below, don’t worry.

Plus, we’ll run through what SPM is doing to prepare our clients (and ourselves) for the coming year.

However, the biggest thing to focus on in this issue is our deep dive into ACS LIVE 2020.

We’re sharing some of how we are structuring this year’s event (which you can totally copy for yourself).

It’s one of the most immediate and implementable takeaways from any issue of our newsletter so far.

Trust me, it’s a must read…

But first, a quick ask — Strikepoint Media’s New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is to focus even more on our relationships with clients.

That means going the extra mile to keep you updated on your accounts, sending thank you notes, and surprising our clients for no reason other than to show our appreciation.

That’s especially true for everyone who supports this industry newsletter.

But all of that relies on making sure all our contact information is updated and correct.

So with that in mind, can you please take 30 seconds to answer a few quick questions and make sure we have the right info for you and your business so that we can include you in #OperationFun2021?

With that being said, let’s dive into the good stuff!

Let’s keep the wins coming in,

Jeremy Blossom

CEO & Co-Founder, Strikepoint Media

🔥What’s Hot Right Now

In last month’s issue, we shared a little of what made Q3 the best quarter in the history of Strikepoint Media.

Not just for SPM, but for many of our clients, as well.

Turns out, we were wrong….

Because Q4 is on track to blow Q3 out of the water!

Last month’s case studies included how to lower Cost Per Conversion by 46% on Google, and how we got 300% ROAS on Facebook in month one for a client’s campaign.

Today, let’s start things off with a look at our virtual approach to an in-person event — ACS LIVE!

Case Study #1: ACS LIVE 2020 (AKA How to Set Up a Successful Virtual Event)

Saying COVID has thrown the world for a loop is like beating a dead horse…

But it still holds true.

We were all looking forward to Traffic and Conversion, Financial Marketing Summit, and ACS LIVE in Las Vegas this year.

And when everything was shut down, we made a conscious decision to find a way to deliver just as much value through a virtual event.

Not a webinar.

Or a workshop…

Or a summit…

Or a masterclass or any other synonym.

We were determined to truly make ACS LIVE the only virtual conference focused exclusively on Financial Publishing success in 2021.

So what does that look like?

Well for starters…

The event is actually interactive.

It’ll be on Zoom, which gives us the opportunity for real Q&A and interaction among attendees.

(And it’s still packed with actionable content from a lineup of all-star speakers sharing their best stuff.)

There is a dedicated premium Slack hub.

This isn’t just for the event, it’s for a full year after the event.

Dedicated channels for everything ranging from deals, JVs, and individual topics stumping most of us.

We’ll be able to help one another in that hub while getting deals done at the same time.

Dedicated networking opportunities.

Just because we’re joining virtually doesn’t mean we can’t still “shake hands” and get things done.

With dedicated time set aside for around the horns, introductions, and strategic “deal matchmaking.” we’ve set ACS up to help deliver the same kind of profitable meetings you can find at in-person events.

Real-life supplemental content and bonuses.

One of the easiest ways we could think to add a real-world feel to ACS LIVE was to actually add real-world pieces to it.

So we’re sending everyone a package full of ACS LIVE 2020 supplemental content, schwag, bonuses, and other good stuff!

Trust me, you’re gonna love it.

If you haven’t already done so, grab your ticket to ACS LIVE 2020 virtual conference now.

There’s a lot more that’s gone into this event than just what’s here, but you’ll just to join us live to see all the good stuff 😉



Case Study #2: $0.10 Leads via Quiz Funnels

We all know that one of the best possible ways to qualify a lead is through engagement.

And one of the single best ways to produce engagement is with a quiz funnel…

But even we were blown away at just how high the level of engagement was for one of our campaigns — a quiz funnel that produced $0.10 qualified leads for our client.

The client is WDW Magazine.

Obviously, this is a particularly big and well-known brand, but there was still a lot of work required to optimize and improve the funnel in order to produce these kinds of results.

Specifically, a 62% conversion rate from click to quiz completion.

For starters, here’s the best performing ad…

We focused on core audiences such as Disney interests in one audience, and then a 1% lookalike of high-value purchasers to make sure we’re targeting quality individuals who are likely to take action further down the funnel, not just window shopper.

These leads were then directed to the following landing page:

We then continued to optimize around “Complete Registration” which only triggers once somebody finishes the quiz and submits their email.

This helped us go from [MILESTONE 1 => 2 => 3 => 4 =>] to seeing $0.10 qualified email leads!

This has scaled nicely and continues to perform well.

So what can we learn from this campaign (other than that people love Mickey Mouse)?

      • Identify your audience…
      • Engage them with questions that appeal to their lifestyle…
      • Make sure to collect a qualified email for them to get their results…

And a well-done bonus never hurts!

Now, this isn’t financial, but the same lessons apply.

      • Don’t try and force an audience to like you.
      • Don’t try to immediately sell to your prospects, try to connect and build a relationship instead.
      • Make your optimizations around “Complete Registration” not just clicks.

Hopefully, this case study sparks some inspiration and helps you launch some successful campaigns.

If you’d like us to help you set up this type of campaign, schedule a meeting with [email protected] to see if this fits your business.

Case Study #3: 100% ROI, $100K+ Spend

For this month’s third case study, we’ll look at how our internal Trade Stocks property produced a 100% front end ROI on a 100k spend.

Now, you can see that not every campaign was a home run. But even so, we still produced a 110% ROAS for the month.

To do this, we focused primarily on Facebook and YouTube traffic.

For Facebook, here were some of our best performing ads for the month:

As far as setup, we used a simple one-campaign structure using the same targeting for each ad set, but testing different creative concepts and running with the best of the best.

This campaign was working at $4K per day and continues to produce 130% ROI at $1K a day, averaging out to 100% front-end ROI with more than $100,000 in monthly spend.

We used Options targeting and Penny Stock targeting, but turned on “expanded targeting” to keep the audience as large as possible and typically exclude existing leads and LP visitors.

For YouTube, we targeted a variety of Custom Intent Audiences, Keywords, and Topics split between campaigns.

For Options, we used a multitude of words and phrases, here are a few:

      • How to trade options
      • What is options trading in stock market
      • How to trade options online

You can see our best performing ad below:

We were spending anywhere between $8K-$12K a day depending on performance.

And as you saw above, the results speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for these types of results, we’d love to help.

Email [email protected] to schedule a meeting and let’s get your business scaling!

⛄️ What’s Not Hot Right Now

With so much good stuff going on, it’s easy to forget about the little things that might trip us up.

For example, whatever happened to the iOS updates that were going to overhaul Apple’s third-party pixel tracking?

We’re all still waiting for news on how this could affect everything outside of Safari’s tracking, but as yet we don’t have updates for you.

Now, while we don’t have details on Apple’s pixel, we do have some details on Facebook’s solution to it…

Conversions API.

With the holiday season upon us, Apple’s updates could have a huge affect on our marketing.

Getting ahead of any surprises is critical.

Since Strikepoint Media has a dedicated Facebook agency representative, we’re sharing the slide deck they passed along to us with all of you in case you can use the leg up.

Click here to download Facebook’s Conversions API overview

Hopefully this gives you a leg up on your campaigns in Q4 and beyond.

😎 What’s Hot at SPM

It’s been another whirlwind quarter for Strikepoint Media.

We now have over 40 full-time employees working harder and smarter for our clients.

And that’s not counting our editorial team working under a former editor for The Street Authority to produce dozens of top tier content pieces every month.


The free traffic audits we’re running have been helping our clients improve their ad performance significantly.

If you’re stuck at $25K a month in ad spend, we can show you how to get that number up to $100K for free.

The results have been stellar so far, and we’d love to help as many of our clients and readers as possible.


Get Your Free Traffic Audit Now


In other news, our newest Agency Rep from Facebook has been crushing it (see above slide deck on Conversions API) and making life so much easier for SPM and our clients.

Same can be said for our LiveIntent and PowerInbox reps, who have helped us become one of the only Crypto advertisers on both platforms.

(If you’ve got crypto offers to advertise, email [email protected] to get them up on both platforms as easily as possible)

But our Google Rep has really stood out to us, giving us more hands-on guidance than ever before and really helping us improve our numbers across GDN and display.

Analytics is better than ever thanks to DOMO…

And our Ad Opps Team has resolved a lot of pixel issues our clients were having!

All of that was in Q3.

In Q4, we get our Director of Marketing back in November to level us up even more!

Welcome back, Danielle!

Additionally, on the heels of the best year in Strikepoint Media history, we are focusing on what I call my $100 million roadmap.

This is the playbook SPM is using to hit $100MM/year.

And it’s based around a client-first approach.

The plan is to service existing clients better and scale spend rather than look for as many clients as possible. This is done through:

      • Speed
      • Transparency
      • Performance
      • Value
      • Relationships

Every client has a full integrated marketing team, including media buyers, marketing managers, marketing coordinators, digital designers, copywriters, and data, tech, & reporting resources.

This is the short version, but it’s how we’re preparing our agency (and our clients) for 2021.

It’s all about efficiency and speed while maintaining the highest quality in all things.

If there’s anything you need help with on those fronts, just reply to this email and let me know what’s on your mind and we’ll do everything in our power to help you over the hump.

Lastly, just a reminder that we’re always looking for great guests to appear on the Secrets of Marketers podcast.

We’ve got some exciting plans for SOM in 2021, and would love to have as many people get involved as possible.

If you’ve got an exciting topic to discuss, want to provide value for our listeners, and would like to come on Secrets of Marketers, click here to fill out the short application now.

That’s it for October!

One ask: Please share the newsletter with your friends and colleagues if this is helping you!

Let’s keep the wins coming in,

Jeremy Blossom

CEO & Co-Founder, Strikepoint Media