Wow, September is already over!

That means we are now officially in Q4!

And…It’s time for another issue of everyone’s favorite FinPub insider report — the Strikepoint Media State of the Industry Newsletter!

This month, we’ve got some exciting announcements to share 🤗

Plus, a couple case studies that show:

  • How we cut costs by 46% on Google for a client
  • How we got a 300% ROAS on Facebook for another client in month one

And even some guidance on how to deal with Apple’s pixel tracking changes.

We’ll also run through a new free service we launched to improve your ad accounts and cover some of the hottest tech for online businesses right now.

But first, let’s just take a quick look at what’s been going on (and what’s coming).

There’s a small sense of normalcy returning as pandemic concerns seem to be lessening.

Unfortunately, the civil discord across the USA is also “the new normal…”

That unrest escalated a bit more as we lost a true hero in the legendary Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

And with election day right around the corner, President Trump is threatening to refuse to leave the White House if he loses.

What’s all this mean for financial publishers?

A stellar Q4.

The market saw a brief correction, but continues to rise almost daily.

Lead generation is firing on all cylinders (we’ve got some case studies below) and those leads are converting into buyers at near-historic rates.

Which means that there are just a ton of current events to build our messaging around as we prepare for 2021.

Speaking of which… time for that big announcement!!

For everyone who reached out asking…

🎉 ACS Live is back!!!


Last year’s inaugural Attract, Convert, and Scale (ACS) event in Vegas was special, and brought so much value (and deals) to so many amazing industry leaders who joined us.


So we’re determined to bring back that same magic this year.

But since we can’t all come together in person, we’re holding this event virtually.

And no, that doesn’t mean a webinar.

We’ve come up with a special format for the 2-day event to make sure everyone gets a chance to network, find deals, learn, and work on their specific obstacles in virtual breakout sessions.

If you’re interested in joining us or learning more about ACS Live 2020, click here for more details.

We’re doing everything we can to make this year’s virtual edition even better than last year’s live event.

It’ll be tough to beat, but trust me when I tell you that we’ve got some really great plans for the event!

There are more exciting announcements below, but there’s one thing that we’re most excited about right now…

Strikepoint’s Marketing Director, our very own Danielle Korpman, just had baby #2! A beautiful, healthy baby boy named Chase who is already studying up on KPIs in his crib!

Welcome to the world baby Chase, the youngest SPM employee in history. 😉

Congratulations D! We miss you, and can’t wait ‘til you’re back in the saddle!

Okay, sappy stuff is done, let’s dive into the content!

Let’s keep the wins coming in,

Jeremy Blossom
CEO, Strikepoint Media

🔥 What’s Hot

With Q3 in the books, it’s officially official…

This was our best quarter ever.

Not just for Strikepoint Media, but for many of our clients, as well.

That’s why picking out what to highlight for this edition of the State of the Industry newsletter was extra tough.

But in the end, two case studies stood out from Google and Facebook to show you how to improve your own ad performance on these two traffic titan platforms.

Case Study #1: Lower Cost Per Conversion by 46% on Google

Since optimizing the bidding strategy for this client’s search campaign on Google, the working rate is close to 7% and Cost Per Conversion has dropped by 46%.

So what did these optimizations look like?

  1. We switched everything to Maximize Conversions to take advantage of the algo learnings of their pixel. This is a common practice, but gets easily overlooked — especially when an account is already performing well without it.
  2. We unlinked all unnecessary conversion actions from their Google Conversion Manager to simplify Google’s view of what conversions matter. (There were numerous conversion tracking action in there from past campaigns that no longer run)
  3. We then linked the campaigns that share the same conversion action together so that Google knows what campaigns to focus on for these actions. (for this client, it was linking a series of guide campaigns together)
  4. Then link the budgets for all those same campaigns together so that Google can prioritize spend when we can get the best CPA for the day.
  5. Then accept all Google recommendations that make sense to ensure that Google Account Quality stays above 80%.

These changes resulted in a 46% drop in CPA over 30 days while producing an increase in lead quality. This is measured by working rate, which increased from 3% to 7%.


This is a great example of how little changes can add up to big wins.

While many of you may be unfamiliar with steps 2-5, they’re not new. And step 1 is a common practice, though it often gets overlooked by successful businesses. None of this is cutting edge or revolutionary, but all of it adds up to big wins, and helps optimize your campaigns.

Case Study #2: Get 300% ROAS on Facebook in Month One

Improving return on ad spend (ROAS) for our clients is a constant priority for Strikepoint Media.

It’s what we do best.

Depending on the campaign, we expect to see 70%, 80%, 100% and 150% ROAS.

But even we were blown away by the 300% ROAS we produced for a client in month one of testing campaigns on Facebook.

We had a great client to work with, but we optimized the campaign with a simple 4-step process:

  1. We targeted a 1% lookalike audience based on past leads and anyone who added a product to their cart any point. This helped us utilize existing pixel data to boost our prospecting and find potential customers closest to those already interested in our client’s product.
  2. We then tested different trading audiences as interests to add diversity to the campaign, which helped drive more people into the funnel on a larger scale.
  3. We retargeted website traffic and FB/IG engagers with different creatives to help drive back people into the funnel at a lower CPA.
  4. We mixed variations of 1-2 min videos to our prospecting, and then retargeted those viewers with longer form 20 minute videos to re-engage them and provide a more education-based focus, which would continue providing value in the customer journey.

The results speak for themselves.

Again, this is nothing new or revolutionary, but it all adds up to big wins when you correct the overlooked little pieces.

For anyone who may be struggling with campaigns, this next section is for you…

✅ We’ll Help You Fix Your Traffic. Free.

True story.

There is SO much to share right now, but at the top of that list is our free 360° traffic audit we now provide.

It’s a full evaluation of you ad accounts with a focus on:

  • Account Structure & Setup Guidance
  • Pixel Tracking & Reporting Audience Targeting
  • Ad Creative Review
  • Compliance Review
  • Full-Funnel Review
  • No strings, no expectations, no catch.

Get Your Free Traffic Audit Now

If you need help scaling your lead gen, this free audit can help.

It’s a full campaign diagnostic that we’ve been using internally for years.

In fact, it’s based on the same exact process we use to 2X, 3X, and even 4X our clients’ campaigns.

It’s specifically built to take anyone spending $25K/month on traffic and help them scale to $100K almost instantly.

If that’s you, and you want to get over the hump and get past that $25K plateau, fill out a few quick questions and we’ll help you get unstuck.

🤖 Hot Tech

One of the reasons this past quarter has been so successful — and that next quarter will be even more successful — is technology.

Here are some updates on tech that is ready to have a huge impact for our clients.

LeadCart by Strikepoint


Many of our readers are intimately familiar with our Leadcart platform for co-reg leads. It’s been producing qualified leads with 30% open rates and the lowest lead costs in the industry.

But one of our core values is to raise the bar.

That means we don’t just go with “good,” but keep looking for ways to improve and provide more value for our clients.

That’s why we’ve been hard at work on a Lead Cart update we finally released!

What’s new in this version of Lead Cart?

An email wall that is absolutely crushing it!

The simplicity is what makes this new version so effective.

Leads get a confirmation email and then receive separate email access for each requested guide.

That means no bulk sends, no getting lost in the noise, and no confusion if a guide comes from a source they may not recognize.

This means higher opens, higher deliverability, and a built-in recommendation from us reminding leads to expect an email from our client.

We also updated all the settings in the system to allow for custom tagging / HTML into the guide emails, allowing for more creative delivery and messaging.

If you’re interested in utilizing Lead Cart as either a publisher or advertiser, send an email to [email protected]

Rewards Card With No Interest

Shameless plug: we love our Brex Card for the rewards points.

It’s basically a credit card for businesses — but actually FOR businesses.

Double points on recurring software, 7X points on collaboration software like Zoom and Slack!

10-20X higher limits, integrates with QuickBooks, NetSuite, Expensify, and Xero, and NO INTEREST or personal guarantees.

It’s the ultimate corporate card, and they’re giving away a $5K AWS bonus when you sign up.

Honestly, guys, this card is so cool, you should absolutely check it out.

Click here to set up a Brex account

Okay, shameless plug over…

Now let’s look at the not so fun stuff…

⛄ What’s not hot right now

There is just so much to love about our industry right now, but there is a new obstacle that affects us in a big way…

Apple’s pixel tracking changes.

With iOS 14 coming out, pixel tracking for iPhones and iPads may no longer be an option for traffic.

A lot of clients have reached out about this asking how we adapt?

Well, it starts with understanding exactly what’s happening — and what’s being done about it.

Unfortunately, no one is sure exactly how pixels will be affected (just that it almost certainly will be affected).

Facebook’s solution is “Conversions API”

In speaking with our dedicated Facebook rep, we were told,

“Conversions API is absolutely something you should look into implementing as early as next year.”

For anyone looking for info directly from the source, here’s an article going over the importance of Conversions API straight from Facebook.

Once we hear definitive recommendations on the effects of iOS on tracking, we’ll send out an update along with any recommendations we have on getting past it.

😎 What’s hot at SPM

Another month, another growth spurt for Strikepoint Media!

After our debut on the INC 5000 list (at #2,355!) we seem to be growing even faster.

We’ve now brought on 13 new full-time team members since the start of 2020 (including 9 in the last 4 months) to provide added value and support for our clients.

That means extra bandwidth and expertise to improve your campaigns even more!

Outside of increasing the size of our team, we’re also working hard on helping our existing team members improve their copy skills and processes.

Our month-long “Copy Camp” is winding down after some incredible training going over messaging, benefits, promos, emails, and overall big ideas.

That means that everyone from our in-house copywriting team to our account coordinators and project managers can help improve campaigns.

On top of that, we’re overhauling our campaign process and client discovery phase to more easily and efficiently aggregate data and set goals.

We’re even putting together a proposal and campaign playbook structure that’s blown away clients who have seen it so far.

But again, the hottest thing at SPM right now is the free traffic audits we’re running.

If you’re stuck at $25K a month in spend, we can show you how to get that number up to $100K for free.

Trust me, the results have been stellar.

Outside of that, the Secrets of Marketers podcast continues to grow and grow!

We’ve got some AMAZING episodes getting edited now that will be available shortly.

We’re still looking for great guests who want to provide value for our listeners, so if you’d like to come on Secrets of Marketers, click here to fill out the short application now.

That’s it for September!

One ask: Please share the newsletter with your friends and colleagues if this is helping you!

Let’s keep the wins coming in,

Jeremy Blossom
CEO, Strikepoint Media