The Problem

Laguna Beach Community Clinic was frustrated with how their brand and website didn’t clearly communicate how they deliver quality and compassionate care for their patients in and around Laguna Beach.

The doctors and staff care deeply about their patients and potential patients out there looking for help. Providing a clear and easy user-experience for their patients and prospects was paramount for this website buildout because as the CEO said, “There’s no greater loss than to see someone in need, and not be able to help them.”


The Approach
  • We custom built an automatic sliding launch tab allowing their users to quickly navigate to the most important areas of the website. Before building this integration, we did our homework to identify the most common historical user interactions.
  • Through conversion-centered design and copywriting, we showcased focus initiatives while allowing users to tangibly see how their donations affect the whole. This increased their one-time donor base by 40% while also increasing monthly donor minimums.
The Results

Increase in New On-Site Donations


Increase in Email Opt-Ins


Increase in Page Load Speed


Decrease in Bounce Rates

It hits all the marks – Strength, iconic, community. We are so proud to have this as the centerpiece of our new branding! Many thanks for all your hard work!

Monica Prado, LBCC

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