Top Podcasts Every Marketer Needs To Listen To

August 10, 2022

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The digital space is very fast-paced, and marketers, a.k.a, you, are forever clamoring for the next big trend. In response, marketers need to adjust to new demands or risk falling behind.  There are a ton of resources we can use to better develop our skills. There are courses, videos, and books, all available online. One of our favorite ways to learn more about digital marketing is listening to podcasts. The sheer number of podcasts available can be very overwhelming. In fact, there’s over 2.4 million podcasts that are active today.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to compile the best digital marketing podcasts out there. 

Here are the top 5 podcasts you need to listen to.

5. CMO Moves

If you want to listen to podcasts featuring top-level marketing executives of some of the biggest companies, CMO Moves is the podcast for you. CMO, standing for Chief Marketing officer, is the executive responsible for creating revenue through brand management, marketing, and other related roles of leading a Marketing Department.  They talk about their success stories, rules they had to break, their role models, and how they developed their teams. 

One recent episode features two powerhouses in marketing, Antonio Lucio of 5S Diversity and Rupen Desai, the Global CMO of Dole Sunshine Company. In it, they talk about how profit and purpose need to be aligned. As Rupen Desai stated, “Growth has to be purposeful.” Rupen Desai also elaborates on Dole Sunshine’s goal to bring nutritious food in the “most pristine way possible” to the people. While this episode isn’t as marketing-centric as the others, instead focusing more on the business model, it provides a very fascinating peek on how a company worth billions of dollars provides business with a purpose.

If you want to listen to episodes focusing more on specific marketing strategies, they also have episodes that talk about being authentic with the audience, brand equity and the metaverse, and many others.

You can find all the episodes of the CMO Moves podcast here.

CMO Moves Image

4. Social Media Marketing Podcast

The first episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast made a case for using Facebook mobile for business and cited how 488 million people are using the platform. Currently, Facebook has 2.94 billion users. That should give you an idea on how long this podcast has been around. It started in 2012, and they have been posted every week since with more than 500 episodes available. Suffice to say, this podcast has come a long way and has made many changes since its beginning. The podcast is hosted by Michael Stelzner, the founder of Social Media Examiner. Much like most of the podcasts on this list, this podcast is interview type and features many experts on the topic. 

A recent episode talks about LinkedIn content creation. LinkedIn is probably not the first platform you would think of when you think of social media. However, the guest, Daniel Kading, goes on in detail about how great a tool LinkedIn can be for marketing. Daniel Kading is a content strategist and ghostwriter for start-up founders and their businesses. He elaborates on the advantages LinkedIn provides when it comes to connecting with big people in your industry. While other social media platforms like tiktok or instagram may seem to provide more engagement, they are also inundated with content promotion. LinkedIn, on the other hand, helps you promote connections. Other episodes include topics on Tiktok engagement, copywriting in the post-pandemic world, and building strong connections with your audience.

You can find all episodes of the Social Media Marketing Podcast here.

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3. Marketing School w/ Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Neil Patel is one of the most recognizable marketers out there. And for very good reason. He’s a bestselling author, recognized by Forbes and other magazines, and was even recognized by President Obama and the United Nations. In his podcast, he partners with Eric Siu, author of Leveling Up: Master of the Game of Life and CEO of digital marketing agency, Single Grain. Pair two master marketers together  and what do we get? One heck of a marketing podcast! 

The podcast has some longer, more in-depth episodes around 30-40 minutes long tackling all things marketing and entrepreneurship. If you’re not one for long podcasts, they also post bite-size, mini episodes. These episodes are at most 7-minutes long, which makes them easier to digest and the topics are  more specific and straightforward. Some very helpful mini-episodes include “the one KPI to focus on when you start your agency,” “Why SEO is great during a recession,” and “5 marketing services we use to grow faster.” In their latest episode, they talk about the current atmosphere involving the Crypto space and how the return promised by Crypto is very high which translates to equally high risks. They did a really good job explaining how the situation with Crypto can provide a good lesson in marketing. As the title states, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

You can find all episodes of Marketing School on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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2. The Digital Marketer Podcast

Digital Marketer is a widely known community for marketing professionals. They provide courses, workshops, and articles to guide marketers out there. But did you know they have a podcast too? Their podcasts provide in-depth discussions on a variety of topics relating to  digital marketing. It’s hosted mainly by Mark de Grasse with some episodes hosted by other Digital Marketer contributors. The episodes, although very informative, are very easy listens. The conversations seem authentic and the atmosphere is very friendly, with the hosts often sharing laughter and personal anecdotes with the guests.

One very helpful episode talked about sales objections and how to handle them with Alex Schlinsky from Prospecting on Demand. First off, the episode started with Alex thanking Digital Marketer for being one of his companions when HE started his own business, which made for a sweet full-circle moment. Getting down to business, Mark de Grasse and Alex Schlinsky delve into the most common types of sales objections and different strategies you can employ to handle them. Alex discusses the “close framework” in contrast to the more traditional “two-call framework.” He also describes the 4 Ws: 

  • where are you now, 
  • where do you want to go, 
  • what’s the opposite goal holding you back, 
  • and what’s the urgency

They also talk in-depth about competitor objections, hard nos, and price objections. Some of our favorite episodes tackle how to retain clients, writing high-converting headlines, and video SEO.

Unfortunately, episodes 1-58 seem to have been wiped from the archives, but you can listen to the rest of the series here.

DM Podcast

Bonus Podcast: Everyone Hates Marketers

Before we reveal the #1 podcast every marketer should listen to, we wanted to share a bonus podcast that didn’t quite make our list.

The title is a shock.

Let’s face it, many people are wary of marketers. The title is precisely the reason why this podcast stood out to us. Aside from the name, the podcast’s tagline is “The only podcast for people sick of marketing bullshit.”

The podcast is described as contrarian and the founder and host, Louis Grenier, seems to agree as he describes his marketing strategy as “No-fluff, actionable marketing.” From an initial glance, it might seem like the opposite, but the podcast provides intellectual and well-researched discussions with expert guests, adhering to Grenier’s marketing strategy of having an actionable strategy. They also provide full transcripts of all their episodes which can be very helpful. One recent episode features David Arnoux of GrowthTribe where they talk about rapid experimentation to generate wins for your company. They discuss the step-by-step process of experimentation and discuss growth for the sake of growing and how that might be harmful in the long run. It also has episodes on generating demand, staying relevant, and the 80/20 rule.

1. Secrets of Marketers

No. 1 on the list is Secrets of Marketers, a podcast co-hosted by Strikepoint Media’s CEO & Vice President, Jeremy Blossom & Danielle Korpman. Although the podcast is relatively young, with only 28 episodes, the podcast is a fountain of information for aspiring (or practicing!) marketers out there. The number of episodes also means you can easily binge-listen to all the episodes! It tackles a range of information including direct-response marketing, webinars,  and building a relationship with the target audience, among many others. The podcast also features experts on certain topics such as Neil Patel who seems to have the Midas touch on marketing. 

The podcast’s latest episode features Digital Persuasion Expert Erin King to discuss webinars and how to generate conversion from this type of engagement with your audience. During the pandemic, webinars have become more common to adjust to isolation and quarantine protocols. Erin King talks about being authentic on webinars and providing high-value content in fun, energetic ways. They start from planning the webinar to what happens after, the concept of “know, like, and trust,” and moving it beyond that through developing a style. Other interesting topics include keeping customers engaged, teh affiliate world, and digital conversion. 

If you’d like to learn more, you can listen to the latest episode here.

We’ve also put together a list of some of our favorite episodes Secrets of Marketers has produced:

The Art of Persuasive Emails

Hacking the Performance Game & Killer Automated Media Buying Tactics Every Marketer Must Know

Channeling Strategy & Partnerships to go from Startup to Multi-Billion Dollar Business


Since digital marketing is, well, in the digital space, we have to be flexible and adjust to the many changes in trends and in turn, demands of our target audience. There’s a lot of resources available for you, both free and paid, that could help you develop marketing strategies that work for you, for your business, and most importantly, for your audience. Podcasts are such convenient choices for learning as they are very accessible and you can listen to them while doing something else like walking, driving to and from work, etc. 

Jump into the rabbit hole of digital marketing and learn with us. To find more resources on digital marketing and other related topics, visit our blog.