Strikepoint Media Acquires Traffic Titans

February 1, 2022

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From left to right Jeremy Blossom Danielle Korpman Robert Hicks Bryan Rosenkrantz

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Traffic Titans, one of the most proven and effective YouTube lead generation agencies in the digital marketing space.

Traffic Titans was co-founded by Jason Stogsdill and Robert Hicks in 2018, and quickly became a recognized leader in the YouTube media buying space. Throughout the years, they have spent over $35 million on YouTube traffic, generating over 1 million genuine leads and 1.6 Billion impressions for their clients.

Robert Hicks will be joining the Strikepoint Media team as Senior Growth Architect, identifying opportunities to scale our existing client accounts, while also recognizing areas to increase the growth and profitability of Strikepoint Media.

“Strikepoint Media and Traffic Titans joining forces is going to be monumental for the financial publishing industry. We are combining some of the greatest thinkers and media buyers in the industry to create an unbeatable powerhouse. We both share the same core values even though the wording is different. We are both committed to being the best and providing our clients with unmatched service. Together, we can pull our resources together to create more value for our clients and help them scale their business even faster” said Robert Hicks.

“I am thrilled to have Traffic Titans officially become Strikepoint Media. Their team is best in class and with this acquisition, we have an even better service we can provide to our amazing clients. For years we watched as Traffic Titans delivered some amazing marketing results and now that we are one company, I can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2022!” said Jeremy Blossom, CEO & Co-Founder of Strikepoint Media.

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