Laguna Beach Community Clinic: Rebranding & Website Design

February 14, 2021

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We Accomplished:

  • 40% Increase of New On-Site Donations in Month 1
  • 200% Increase of Email Opt-Ins in Month 1
  • 100% Increase in Page Load Speeds
  • Drastically decreased bounce rates

In their own words: “It hits all the marks – Strength, iconic, community. We are so proud to have this as the centerpiece of our new branding! Many thanks for all your hard work!” – Monica Prado, LBCC


What is Laguna Beach Community Clinic?

Laguna Beach Community Clinic, or LBCC, is a not-for-profit medical clinic that was founded in 1970, offering high-quality medical, dental, and health education services.  With over 16,000 visits per year and growing, LBCC provides medical care for residents all throughout Orange County.

The doctors and staff at Laguna Beach Community Clinic care deeply about their patients and potential patients out there looking for help. Providing a clear and easy user-experience for their patients and prospects was paramount for this website buildout because as the CEO said, “There is no greater loss than to see someone in need, and not be able to help them.”

The Challenge:

Prior to working with Strikepoint, LBCC felt that their brand didn’t convey the following:

  • Trust
  • Local
  • Professional
  • Modern
  • Relevant

With our award-winning creative department at the helm, we were able to accomplish exactly what LBCC was looking for. Through a complete redesign from top-to-bottom, including creating a new logo, re-designing their website, optimizing certain sections to increase email opt-ins and donations, LBCC is extremely satisfied. They are now positioned as a trustworthy, professional, local clinic that goes above and beyond in caring for their patients, which is evident through their website.