How AI Impacts Marketing Today (And Tomorrow…)

April 19, 2021

4 minute read
  • Digital Marketing

For as long as businesses have existed, marketing has been an integral part of the success of those companies. And just as those businesses evolved, so has marketing along the way. It continues to do so in new and exciting ways that simply didn’t exist in years past. Where marketing used to be as simple as creating a narrative for an offer, today successful marketing is all about comprehensive data and speed of implementation. That’s why artificial intelligence is taking over marketing, and why your business needs to incorporate AI into your marketing to be successful in the coming years.

We are officially living in the future. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Just look at Siri, Alexa, Tesla, or even your thermostat and doorbell! The internet is all about AI, and the way that AI can predict human behavior is nothing short of remarkable. That predictive capability is revolutionizing today’s marketing strategies.

AI is changing the way marketing strategists are determining outcomes. Specifically, it’s changing how industries will grow and change. The data we get from AI can help us appeal to a larger audience and grow our marketing campaigns and businesses. So, how can AI help you get potential clients or interested customers?

This blog post will show you how to use artificial intelligence to improve your marketing with new insights and strategies that you can implement into your own business today. 

AI and Social Media Marketing

AI has been a hot topic for decades. Isaac Asimov convinced entire generations of science fiction fans that AI is not only possible, but inevitable. Recently, AI has become part of our daily lives — just not on the level that Asimov focused on — and continues to be a trending subject. However, while most people on social media are looking at robot dogs that can’t tip over and driverless cars, the marketing industry is incorporating AI into everything. In fact, it seems impossible that any marketing/advertising industry event or conference will not include at least one session or panel discussion on the topic moving forward.

We’re seeing an influx of cheap and inexpensive advanced data analytics, which leads us to new techniques and strategies. This influx is typically based on machine learning methods. The availability of increasingly rich and large datasets is being utilized by a growing base among marketers. The potential power of data-driven approaches to marketing has sparked an AI revolution.

For the first time, the market is becoming fully customizable. 

AI monitors a user’s experience and can tell a marketing team what is working, and more importantly, what is not working. AI marketing insights can save a company a lot of time and money when designing a product launch or an extensive marketing campaign.

This means we can predict with significantly more accuracy what will work to sell our product before we create and test a new funnel, saving us money and countless man hours.

Let’s look at a basic example. Say you’re not seeing any engagement whatsoever on any of your platforms. This is an indication that it’s probably time to switch up your strategy. In the past, this info would have only been available after the fact.

But with AI, marketing teams can not only see the engagement in real time, they can adjust strategies on the fly to improve results on the go. Think of it in terms of a ship sailing across the ocean. AI can make small course corrections that as the ship sails rather than trying to force large turns after realizing you’ve sailed off course.

This type of prediction is one of AI’s most potent abilities. It demonstrates the importance of flexibility. When attempting to appeal to any customer base, you must consider their preferences. AI is affecting marketing and making the field more inclusive and approachable.

Different Forms of Data

Data is never flawless.

Especially data based on our interpretations of trends. Our systems may be biased, and lead to misinformation. But data trends discovered by machine learning and AI analytics are purely based on logic. 

AI-powered analytics tools can combine the outputs of all the techniques, platforms, and datasets available to us to uncover new trends. This can provide managers with a more comprehensive and easier to understand picture of our audience, ads, and product performance, all of which can help marketers better understand their targeted demographics.

This is known as a “meta-analysis” in science (an integrative analysis of findings from several studies). It’s an essential concept for marketing analytics, and AI is helping smart marketers do it better than ever before. 

Incorporating AI data into marketing can help simplify the decision-making process and give you back your time.

Facebook, Google, and AI

We’ll all start to “outsource” more of our consumer search and preference set building tasks to AI as consumer-facing things like product recommendations become more credible and strong.

Why spend hours looking for the perfect holiday hotel and gathering a list of options from which to choose from when a piece of software that knows ALL of your preferences can do it for you?

Granted, some customers actually enjoy looking for and finding new products and services, but this is generally limited to a few more personalized categories. As a result, AI can gradually “power” consumer behavior.

For social media marketing, this can give us very intuitive and useful insights that can help our marketing strategies reach a new personal level we’ve as yet been unable to achieve until this point. For social media, this means an even bigger opportunity to engage with your target customer.

Using AI for social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or Instagram can guarantee that you will reach more of the audience you’re looking for, and that your products connect with the people who need them most.

AI Built Strategies

The marketing industry is already living in the future. Machine learning and AI can have a big impact on your company’s marketing approaches and, in a larger sense, your profits.

In the long term, these concepts can allow your business to better plan your strategies. To implement these new advanced approaches, it’s essential you have the right team by your side.

Surround yourself with experts and professionals who understand the new smart world, and who put a premium on smart data. Strikepoint Media has built our success by staying ahead of the competition when it comes to data and reporting. In marketing, speed of implementation is king. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to leverage the data that exists all around us. If your business needs help implementing data into your marketing strategy, contact our team today to discuss how we can help you scale your marketing with smart data.