10 Tips To Improve Your Landing Page

August 19, 2021

4 minute read
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Do you want to have a landing page that converts 75% of the time? Follow these 10 tips that our direct-response marketing team put together for a recent episode of the Strikepoint Academy.

These tips will help you improve your landing page opt-in rate, click-through rate, and ultimately help you earn more revenue for your business.

If you missed the episode on our YouTube channel, check it out here.

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Okay – Let’s dive in.

According to CampaignMonitor.com, the average Landing Page conversion rate across all industries is typically around 2.35%.

Here at Strikepoint Media, we’ve been running traffic to this landing page for the last few years.



This exact landing page has been converting at over 75%!!! That’s over 30x the average conversion rate. How did we do it?

We used the following tips and tricks…

1. Use A BOLD Headline

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the landing page you’re sending traffic to has a BOLD headline. It should be clean looking with consistent font and coloring with the rest of the page. Your copy must be catchy and quickly understood. You don’t want your prospect to have to think about their decision too much, and your headline must be in alignment with the rest of your messaging.

2. Supportive Subheadline

Your subheadline, which is located directly below the headline on the page (In this case, it’s “Get in on the ground floor of the next possible Apple, Amazon, or Tesla!), needs to be supportive of the messaging in your headline. It should be a continuation of information, but make sure to keep it relatively short.

3. Use Supportive Descriptions

Your supportive descriptions do not need to be in paragraph format. What we’ve found best is breaking down 3-4 bullet points about WHY someone should opt in and what they’ll receive. You should then tease a little bit about the benefits about why they would be interested, and provide a bit more information to pique their interest.

4. Above The Fold!

This is so important! You must make sure that your headline, subheadline, and supportive descriptions are above the fold! This prevents bounces, and prevents the user from having to scroll down the page to see the information.

What’s “the fold”?

If you’re unfamiliar with “the fold”, it’s the bottom of the visible page when the page first loads. It’s the point at which the user must begin to scroll to see content beneath it.

5. Add Credibility Below The Fold

You shouldn’t ignore everything below the fold. In fact, that’s the place you should add credibility to improve your chances of getting that conversion. You should add things like testimonials, descriptions, and any additional information that your prospective user should know before opting-in.

This could also be a place where, if applicable, you say things like “Previously featured on…” or “As Seen On…” as a way to build rapport.

6. Have A CLEAR Call To Action (CTA)

You want to make sure that this CTA is BOLD with what you are going to deliver. Have the CTA be as simple as possible, and easy to follow! By making it as simple as possible, you eliminate any confusion the prospective user may have.

Your CTA needs to be above the fold.

7. Include A Bright And Bold Submit Button

In the example linked above, you can see that the entire page is blue and green throughout. We made the deliberate decision to make the “submit” button a bright orange color so it stands out and catches the user’s eye!

8. Have A Friendly & Inviting Design

We mean a few things by this.

First, you want to make sure the UX (User Experience) is extremely simple and easy to follow.

You also want to make sure you have consistent branding throughout the page, with consistent coloring, imagery, and tone of voice throughout the page.

To give it the “friendly” feel, using colors like blue, green, yellow, and orange are typically viewed as more “opportunistic” and inviting for a user.

Colors like red and darker colors typically have the opposite effect, so keep that in mind.

9. Screen Responsiveness

This means you want to make sure that your landing page is designed with mobile and tablet users in mind. A majority of people are accessing your ad through their phone, mainly through Facebook or Instagram. Everything must be spaced our correctly, meaning the fonts have to be resized for mobile, while still having all of the same elements above the fold on your phone or tablet.

10. Add A Timer!

This is a great tip for every single landing page. By adding a countdown timer, whether as a pop-up or on a sticky bar at the top of your page, you can add that sense of urgency that could drive more opt-ins to your lead capture.

Those are our 10 actionable tips that you can implement right away into your very own landing pages!

If you need assistance building out your own landing pages or funnels, contact us today and one of our Marketing Strategists will be in touch soon!