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Financial Publishing

Strikepoint Media was born from the financial publishing industry. We help publishers who provide financial information, insights, and news get their newsletters and content in front of millions of traders and investors.

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Trading & Investing

Strikepoint’s industry-leading publishing network of more than 100 partners gives our clients access to more than 1.5 million traders and investors who are looking for the guidance and mentorship your service can provide.

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E-commerce success is about more than a great product. It’s about putting the right product in front of the right audience at the right time. That’s where we shine. Let our team improve your e-commerce sales and conversions while you keep building great products.

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Business to Business buying cycles are getting longer and more complex, with 90% of B2B buyers looping back and repeating at least one or more tasks in the buyer’s journey. Effective B2B campaigns are based on finding the right audience and building trust through consistent engagement until they’re ready to buy—which just happens to be one of our specialties!

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Financial Advisors

We help financial advisors find your perfect client by putting you in front of the ideal audience based on your specific criteria, so that we connect you with the right people, not just the “right now” people.

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Investor Relations

We’ve helped multiple clients take their companies public, and can do the same for your business. We blend finance, communication, and marketing into a seamless user experience that gets investors to know, like, and trust your company -- and then invest in it.



  • People Come First
  • Deposit More Than You Withdraw
  • Raise the Bar
  • Win Even When We Lose
  • Results Rule Period

People Come First

People Come First. Always. Collaborative, open and honest relationships are the key to real personal and professional success. Always seek to do good by others. The best investment in business is the investment in people.

Deposit More Than You Withdraw

Seek to give more than you take in business and life. Start every relationship by striving to exceed expectations. Be significant in the lives of the people we serve. Seek to create value at all times.

Raise the Bar

Strive to be a better you daily. If we are not growing we are dying. Keep pushing yourself and your team members. Constantly strive to set a higher standard and create a culture of excellence.

Win Even When We Lose

Recognize that greatness can only come by learning from your losses as well as your triumphs. Find the good in the bad and build on both.

Results Rule Period

Always keep the end in mind. Set goals and achieve them. No egos, just results. Be consistently objective and purpose-driven at all times.




Erin King

Chief Digital Officer

Danielle Korpman
Danielle Korpman

Vice President

Bryan Rosenkrantz
Bryan Rosenkrantz


Jeremy Blossom
Jeremy Blossom



Eliana Sweet

Jr. Marketing Coordinator

Matthew Anderson

Senior Marketing Coordinator

John Angel
John Angel

Direct Response Copywriter

Bradley Simon
Bradley Simon

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Riley Simons

Marketing Manager

Karlee Baril
Karlee Baril

Marketing Manager

DJ Marshall

Marketing Manager

Hannah Stingel

Senior Marketing Manager

Account Services

Natalie Buntich

Account Coordinator

Alexa Culver

Account Coordinator

Meghan Murphy

Project Manager

Lauren Hickey
Lauren Hickey

Senior Project Manager

Charlie Winterhalter

Account Manager

Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor

Director of Account Services

Media Buying Team

Josh Petzinger

Jr. Media Buyer

Courtney Schroeder

Jr. Media Buyer

Louis Munoz

Google/YouTube Media Buyer

Chris Jensen

Senior Media Buyer

Joey LoPiccolo

Senior Social Media Buyer

Blake Aylott

Senior Media Buyer

Direct Audience Bookings Team

Georgia Brown

Publisher Specialist

Grace Goulding

Digital Media Coordinator

Eva Warren

Media Coordinator

Creative Team

Dallas Kirkwood

Digital Designer

Anthony Aguilar

Digital Designer

Chris Hilton

Ad Creative Specialist

Adam Levinstein

Photo & Video Specialist

Erika Alvarez
Erika Alvarez

Art Director

Anthony Celestino
Anthony Celestino

Senior Creative Strategist

Paige Winstead

Creative Operations Manager

Robby Bucarey

Creative Director

Dev, Tech, & Analytics

Andras Kertesz

Ad Tech Specialist

James Barr

Marketing Analytics Director

Operations Team

Nathalie Valenzuela

People & Operations Manager

Abby Newman

Payroll Administrator

Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd

Financial Controller

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