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Welcome to Strikepoint Media. We are a full-service performance marketing company that specializes in media buying, lead generation, and customer acquisition.

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Strikepoint Media | Jeremy Blossom: CEO & Co-Founder


To Growth

“Growing a business is a science and that’s exactly how we approach it. Systematically we will walk you through our process to start attracting highly targeted prospects hungry for your product or service.”



It all starts with us knowing and profiling your customer. We get to know them so well that we can anticipate their needs and desires. We create an empathy path and it’s the core of any and every successful growth strategy.


Better conversions mean more revenue from every dollar spent. Starting by optimizing your targeting, we’ll make sure you’re only paying to get your offer in front of the right people. Then, we’ll dive into your offer itself, where we often find the greatest opportunity for increasing conversion.

Strikepoint Media | Scale your sales & grow revenue from a proven process


The first sale with a new customer is just the beginning. Yes, we’ll help you attract and acquire more new customers over and over again… but we will also help turn those new customers into super customers, and those super customers into lifelong raving fans of your business


Designed To Help You Win.

We offer a solution for every stage of the customer journey. From attracting and acquiring your ideal customer to turning them into raving fans, we are the marketing partner you can trust.


Web Design & Dev.
Package Design
Product Development
Print Ads
Motion Graphics

Lead Gen

Lead Magnets
Landing Pages
Offer Development
Social Media
Display Ads


Webinar Development
Promotional Videos
Sales Pages
Ebooks & Guides
PPC Marketing
Email Blasts


Win Back Programs
Social Media
Direct Mail
Email Drip Series


Clients & Partners


Why Businesses Choose Us

• 100% Certified Marketing Team
• Directly contributed to over $300 million in revenue for our clients in the past 4 years
• Grew a start-up from $0 in revenue to over $100 million in less than 28 months.
• Generated over 400K leads in 2 years

Why We Love What We Do...

Strikepoint Media has been our “go to” source of marketing and advertising over the last few years. Their innovation and execution always exceed our expectations and we could not have grown our business without them. I highly recommend them; they are timely, professional and always in touch with both ours and our client’s needs.

– Prosper Trading Academy

“I would highly recommend them. We started with a small test about a year ago with about a 10K marketing budget and have grown that to about 100K a month. They do quality work and I can’t recall if they have ever been over on our set due dates. I would give them a 9 out of 10  just because I am one of those that feel there is always room for improvement.

– Apiary Fund

We have found that Strikepoint does an excellent job striking an optimal balance between maintaining the integrity of our list while monetizing it with relevant and appropriate advertising placements. The additional revenue we have made has been amazing and what’s more we haven’t suffered any loss from product sells or of list quality. The bottom line is we highly recommend Strikepoint for anyone keen to get started with list rentals.”

– Market Tamer

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